Anglicisme – Visite à Cassiopée

Cassiopeia – a love letter


Dear English-speaking friends, this article has been moved to my all-English blog. You can still read it there and, as a bonus, you will be protected from sudden attacks by the French language.
♦Click here to read the article on my English site♦

Chers amis qui parlez français, j’ai déplacé cet article, qui se trouve maintenant sur mon blog en anglais où vous pourrez le lire confortablement.
Si vous n’aimez pas l’anglais et que vous voudriez malgré tout lire cette histoire, n’hésitez pas à me demander une traduction française. Je compte traduire certains articles et je les range par ordre de priorité selon les demandes que je reçois.
♦Cliquez ici pour lire l’article sur mon site en anglais♦


8 réponses à “Anglicisme – Visite à Cassiopée

  1. I was wronged; unfortunately the one to blame was me.
    I recall my high spirits this morning as I was advertised that a new story on this blog appeared. I had longed for reading it, for I am by boredom cursed, and for my curiosity by the author was aroused.
    I was made to believe that a love poem awaited me. Picturing roses or azure glints, I was already preparing the scoffs that such poetry inevitably inspires me.
    Alas, trees and darkness welcomed me. To express feelings through (or for maybe ) K.C.P and Greek mythology, was a feat, assuredly.
    It could be argued that you had misled me, but not questioned your sincerity.
    I was wrong, about many things.

  2. A Martigne sur Mayenne, il y a une rue Cassiopée !!!

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