Welcome, traveller !

You have found the narrow escape route out of this dangerous Frog language swamp. Well done.

While we mostly speak French in this remote corner of the web (where you are, nevertheless, most welcome), you will find some English pieces you might like on my other blog, which is exclusively in English. There, you will find fantastic tales and a number of (hopefully) enjoyable articles translated from the French website. Visit me here:
« Heroic Writer in English »

If you are looking for an English version of a particular piece but cannot find it, it probably does not exist yet. Feel free to contact me and strongly suggest that I get on with the translation as soon as possible. Here is the inbox for this website:

In case you are wondering who I am and where you ended up, you will also find a short introduction to my website in English here:

« Where am I? »

I hope you’ll waste time pleasantly there. As a friend once told me : « thank you for picking a black&white template for your blog, this way my co-workers from the open-space office have no idea what I’m reading ».